Why can't I find my Greyscalegorilla customer account?

There are a few possible explanations for why you may be having trouble accessing your account:

1. Your account is associated with your "purchase" email address, so be sure you didn't use an old email address when ordering through our site. We can update the email address on file, so once you locate your account contact us here to update the email address on file. Please provide all the email addresses you have used to purchase products through our site.

2. If you purchased through a reseller, you will not have a Greyscalegorilla account page. Our customer account pages are automatically generated within our system upon purchase through our store. If you did purchase through a reseller, you will need to contact them directly for updated download links or files.

3. If you ordered using a purchaser, they most likely used a general purchasing account email when purchasing. Please contact the purchaser to grant access to the account or to confirm an email change to the account. You can contact us here with your request to update the account.

4. You may have typed your email address incorrectly in the email field when purchasing, and now your receipt and links are floating in cyber space. It happens and we can fix it! Contact us here to check for your account using the date of purchase, order number, Last name or any other pertinent info you used when ordering so we can locate your account. Please provide that info when you contact our support team.

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