I have been using PayPal to make payments. How do I switch my payment method now that PayPal is no longer accepted?

The new Plus platform has a lot of positives but unfortunately, it does not accept PayPal. If you have subscribed to Plus with Paypal, you will need to add a new credit card to your account to renew.

Follow these steps to update your credit card details to keep ongoing access to your membership.

  1. Login to your account page. (link below)
  2. Click on "Payment Methods"
  3. Click "Add Payment Method" to add your credit card details.
  4. Click "Activate Subscription" to turn on auto-renew. Or hit "Renew Now" to pay today for the next year.

Update Your Payment Method

Then, you are all set to keep using your plus membership and everything that comes with it.

Your active subscription ensures you receive ongoing access to:

If you need to make any other changes to your subscription, you can do so from your account page.




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