Why am I getting missing texture errors with EMC?

That’s no good! This is usually an indication that either you have not downloaded any or all of the texture map files from our server or you did not tell Cinema 4D where to find the textures that you’ve downloaded and extracted. OR you could be running an incompatible version of Redshift, Octane, or Arnold.

  1. First and foremost is to make sure you are running the latest supported versions of the Everyday Material Collection and Cinema 4D, and that you are using a supported 3rd party renderer.
    1. Redshift 2.6.24 and above (there is a known issue with 2.6.26 please use 2.6.28 or above)
    2. Arnold C4DtoA and above
    3. Octane Render for C4D 2018 and above
  2. Be sure that you’ve downloaded all of the texture zips from our website and extracted them to a location on your computer that Cinema 4D is able to access. It is recommended that you store your textures in one master folder. Faster drives (SSDs) are preferred but not necessary.
  3. Close all instances of C4D and be sure that you have placed your chosen .lib4d file in the correct directory. It should be something like this “C:\Program Files\MAXON\Cinema 4D RXX\library\browser\”
  4. Start Cinema 4D again and open “EditPreferences”
  5. Under “FilesAsset Paths” choose an open Path and navigate to the directory you placed your textures in.
  6. Close the “Preferences” window.
  7. In Cinema 4D, open the Content Browser and navigate to “Presets” open your chosen EMC preset.
  8. You should now be able to drag/drop your shader into your scene with textures intact. Have Fun!


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