I'm getting a "Broken Asset" error message, what is going on?

This FAQ refers ONLY to users of the perpetual HDRI plugin, which is no longer available for purchase separately. For Plus HUB installation of plugins and assets, please see the Greyscalegorilla HUB FAQs "https://support.greyscalegorilla.com/category/4-greyscalegorilla-hub-faqs".

When I open HDRI Browser I get the message: ”Broken asset file, please reinstall HDRI Browser."

Please update your HDRI Packs by logging into your account and downloading the latest update. https://greyscalegorilla.com/account/

More Detail 
We have updated both the HDRI Browser and ALL of the HDRI Expansion Packs!  We reworked the reformatting all of the .HDR into .EXR images (Smaller and faster without losing quality). Grab fresh downloads from your account page, make sure you have the newest HDRI Studio Rig / HDRI Link and all of the HDRI Expansion Packs and you should be all set. https://greyscalegorilla.com/account/

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