UPDATE: Topcoat 1.507

Originally published: February 7, 2017

Topcoat 1.507 Bug Fixes:
Odd compile bug that caused Topcoat not to show up on versions of Windows has been fixed.

Topcoat 1.506 Bug Fixes:
“Add HDRI” button was broken by HDRI Browser 2.14 update. It is now fixed.

Topcoat 1.5 new feature list:
Overhauled the modifiers tab: Now if one layer is selected it will give accurate feedback to the current values.
New Blurs Tab
New Anisotropy Tab
New Vertical Layout option
Colors can be changed in main layers
Can rename layers by double clicking name
Layers can be dragged to rearrange
Layer names can be dragged to reorder layers
Layer names can be right-clicked to bring up options including solo
Bump, blur, and mask presets can be right-clicked to add to other channels
New "High Blur Clamp" and "Low Blur Clamp" added to Modifiers to control blur amounts
Transparency Reflectance Channel can now be accessed and modified in Topcoat
New "Invert Bump" button in Modifiers
New "Color to Bump" button in Modifiers (for moving image in color channel to the bump)
Can hit "Delete" key to delete currently selected layers if mouse is over Topcoat

Bump default set from 100% to 30%
"Bump Scale" renamed to "Noise Scale"
Scroll wheel now works inside Bumps/blurs/masks
Name highlight orange instead of layer getting outlined

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