Greyscalegorilla Plugins and OSX Catalina Compatibility

Greyscalegorilla Plugins Are Now Catalina Compatible

The latest version of Greyscalegorilla Plugins are now compatible with OSX Catalina in Cinema 4D R21 or higher. Be sure to download the latest versions. *Please note the version numbers have not changed. The updated zip files have a -S suffix at the end to indicate the supplementary update.
If you have not updated to OSX Catalina, we don't recommend it unless you are running Cinema 4D R21 or higher. 
Be sure to download the latest versions of your Greyscalegorilla Plugins to ensure Catalina Compatibility. 
The latest versions of your software can be found on your Greyscalegorilla Account page.

More About OSX Catalina

Recently Apple released OSX Catalina. There are a lot of new security measures built in to keep Macs safe and virus free. As a consequence, newly installed GSG plugins will only work in R21+ on the Mac.
If you already had older software ( i.e. R16, R20, Light Kit Pro 3,  any other plugins) installed when you updated to Catalina then they would continue to work, making the assumption that you already trusted that software. However, moving forward Apple has made it so that every application and plugin installed post-Catalina needs to be directly notarized by Apple.
This means that the same application or plugin that would have installed right away pre-Catalina now needs to be notarized or will not load post-Catalina.
Typically the error looks like this:
"Light Types.xlib" cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified. 
macOS cannot verify that this app is free from malware.
This means that in order to use a GSG plugin in Catalina, you will need to be running R21 or higher.
Older versions of Cinema 4D cannot be installed either. Only R21+ has been notarized.
Post-Catalina will need to be in R21+, with a fresh download from your GSG plugins from your account page.

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