Plus Library Installation Guide

Getting and Installing the Plus Library:

  1. To get access to the new Plus Library, you will first need to update your HUB to the latest version.
  2. Open up the HUB and make sure you are signed in.
  3. Once signed in, the update for the HUB will appear at the top in green. It will be version 1.119 or possibly higher.
  4. Check the Plus and click Install.
  5. Now restart Cinema 4D.
  6. After restarting Open the HUB again. You will now see a new product appear called "Plus Library". Check this and install. Then restart once more.
  7. After restarting open the HUB one more time and you will now notice the "Assets" tab now has items that you can install. But before you can install any Assets into your library, you need to first set a location for the Assets to be installed to. This must be a location on your HD/SSD that is able to be read and written to by Cinema 4D.
  8. Open the preferences from Edit→Preferences
  9. Go to the "Greyscalegorilla" section
  10. Change the "Assets Folder" so that it points to a location on disk that Cinema 4D can read and write to.

    Note that this folder will also contain a downloads folder that holds the temporary downloaded files before they get installed, which reduces the usage of your main drive while downloading, if you happen to be running out of space.

  11. Now go back to the HUB, switch to the Asset Tab if not already on it, select a product that works with your Renderer, such as "Tech Product (Redshift)" and press "Add To Downloads".
  12. You will now be taking to the Downloads Tab where you can see the download progress of the assets. Please note that these assets are large and can take some time to download. While it is download you can continue to use Cinema 4D. However if you close C4D the downloads will stop. You can start your downloads again when you next start C4D by going to the Downloads Tab and pressing "Restart".
  13. When the product(s) have downloaded you will be notified that they can now be installed.
  14. The "Install Assets" button will also now be available to press.
  15. Press "Install Assets" on the Download Tab
  16. The Assets will be unpacked and installed into your Assets Folder.
  17. You will then be asked if you wish to open the Plus Library. Press Yes.


The Plus Library will appear and you can dock it into your viewport.

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