Is there a solution for remote deployment of Plus products?

Currently the solution for remote deployment is to install everything on a local machine and then distribute the downloaded content manually to new machines. The end user will still need to login to the Plus HUB plugin and setup file paths in the preferences of Cinema 4D.

Steps for remote deployment:

  1. Install the HUB on a local machine and download and install all of the plugins.
  2. Find the plugin folder located in the Cinema 4D preferences folder and package it up to be distributed to the new machine. 
  3. For assets such as Materials, Textures and HDRIs, these should be downloaded to a custom asset folder. These can be packaged and distributed to the new machine, or stored on a network drive and referenced from the Cinema 4D preferences window. Either way the asset folder should be linked to via the Greyscalegorilla Asset Folder path defined in the Cinema 4D preferences. 
  4. Each user will need a login to use the plugins and to see the assets inside of Cinema 4D.

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