Plus HUB Changelog

Plus Changelog February 2021

  • Transform Update for R23 (v2.009) - Was crashing C4D all the time. Fixed for R23, but as of now there is still no fix for S22.
  • SuperText update for bug fixes (v2.006) - It contains a fix for using an Extrude object under SuperText and using the Depth or Face checkboxes.
  • LKP3 Essential Pack update (v1.001) - Was the same as 'Pop Studios', now has the correct files.
  • Native Apple Silicon Support for R23.110
  • Fixes for "14 day sign in" popup issues. Will now only appear after being offline for 14 days.
  • Fixes for "System Configuration has changed" popup issues. Changed the System ID for Windows R21+ users to use the same Maxon System ID that is used by Cinema4D, so you will not be seeing this popup anymore.
  • HUB Improvements: Improved download stability and download speed. Mbps indicator to give feedback that something is happening. A Right Click option to remove something from your download queue if you didn't intend to download it.

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