How do I uninstall the HUB?

There are three components that need to be uninstalled if you are ending your subscription to Greyscalegorilla Plus:

  • The HUB plugin
  • The Greyscalegorilla plugins folder
  • The Greyscalegorilla Assets folder

Removing the Greyscalegorilla Assets folder:

You can skip this step if you plan on renewing your Plus membership in the future. The Assets will remain on your system but you won't be able to use them.
  1. Go to Edit>Preferences and navigate to the Greyscalegorilla section. 
  2. The folder you've designated to the Greyscalegorilla Assets folder is displayed here. 
  3. Navigate to the location of that folder and delete it. 

Removing the HUB plugin and Greyscalegorilla Plugins:

  1. Go to Edit>Preferences and click 'Open Preferences Folder...'.  
  2. Close Cinema 4D.
  3. In the open folder, navigate to the plugin folder.
  4. Remove the Greyscalegorilla folder and the HUB plugin folder (It will be named differently depending on your OS and version number, eg. "osx_r20_greyscalegorillahub"

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