Updating Metal Vol 1 for Redshift to v1.001

An update has been made to the Metal Vol 1 material collection for Redshift to resolve an issue. 
Metal Vol 1 for Octane and Arnold are not affected.

Remove the Asset from the Plus Library's Installed Tab

  1. Alt + Right Click (Or on a Mac: CMD + Right Click) "Metal Vol 1 (Redshift)" to remove it from the Installed tab.
  2. Click Yes on the popup dialogue. 
  3. It is now removed from the Installed list. 

Remove the Assets from Disc

  1. Navigate to the location on disc where you have located your Greyscalegorilla Assets folder. 
  2. Locate the associated gsglib and delete it.

Download the Updated Version from the HUB's Asset Tab

Make sure you're seeing version 1.001. Download and then install it. 

You're done!

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