How do I get Command Line Rendering to work with the Plus plugins?

NOTE: The plugins run without any licensing requirements for Command Line rendering, as well as with Team Render. However, we require that networks with 5 or more render clients have an annual Plus account. This means that monthly Plus subscribers may use up to 5 render nodes at once

Installing the plugins for Command Line Rendering

  1. Install the plugins through the Plus HUB on the interface version of Cinema 4D.
  2. Go to Edit>Preferences and click 'Open Preferences Folder...'
  3. In the preferences folder, navigate to the plugins folder. You should see the HUB plugin folder corresponding to your version of C4D and the 'Greyscalegorilla' folder (generated by the HUB) which contains the plugins. If you do not see both folders here, you may have installed the HUB in the wrong location. Close C4D and place that folder here like this:
  4. Copy both folders.
  5. Move up two folders to the MAXON folder.
  6. In the MAXON folder, you will see a preferences folder corresponding to the version you'll be using but with a '_x' at the end of it. This is the preferences folder for the Command Line version of Cinema 4D.
  7. Navigate to the plugin folder inside this folder, and copy both the Greyscalegorilla and HUB plugin folders there.
  8. You should be set! When you start the Command Line version of Cinema 4D, you should see that the plugins are loaded and licensed.

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