Plus Library: Setup User HDRIs

The Plus Library includes the ability to add custom collections of HDRI images. User HDRI collections in separate sub folders will be displayed as separate groups.

Setting Up Custom Folders

  1. Check the HUB and make sure the Plus Library is up to date. (v1.424 or higher.) If you plan on using HDRI Link, make sure that is up to date as well (v2.102). You will need to restart C4D after updating any plugins.

  2. Go to Edit>Preferences. Click the + symbol to the left of the Greyscalegorilla section to reveal and enter the Plus Library preferences. 
  3. Here you can add paths to your custom HDRI collections by clicking the 'Add Folder' button.

  4. After adding one or more folders, restart Cinema 4D.
  5. Your custom folders will show up under the User HDRIs section of the Plus Library.


Each time you add a new collection and restart C4D, the Plus Library will need to generate thumbnails from your full size images so that the Plus Library can run smoothly. The Plus Library will generate the thumbnails on demand and in the background anytime the Plus Library is open. Once all the thumbnails are created, the Plus Library will be very responsive. 

Setting a Custom Thumbnail Path

By default, the thumbnail images generated by the Plus Library are stored in the C4D preferences folder. If you want them stored elsewhere, use the 'Use Custom Thumbnail Folder' checkbox to set a custom path. Once setting a custom path, you will want to use the 'Clear Thumbnail Cache' button to clear any of the generated thumbnails stored in your preferences. Note that if you remove a folder or otherwise modify a collection, you will need to use the 'Clear Thumbnail Cache' button and restart C4D to clear any unused thumbnails and generate new thumbnails for modified images.

Want a more in-depth tutorial? Follow along with Nick as he walks you through this process here

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