Everyday Material Collection

Compatibility and System Requirements for EMC

For a list of system requirements and what Everyday Material Collection is currently compatible with, visit our compatibility page.

Can I edit your materials?

Yes, once you’ve added any one of the materials to your Cinema 4D scene, we encourage you to adjust all of the parameters to meet your needs. They were designed to be a starting point for your work.

Are these PBR Materials?

Yes! They were created using a PBR + Metalness workflow (the conductor materials at least). We believe this method offers the best looking materials without being overly complex.

Will these materials work on my local render farm?

As long as all the machines on your local render farm are pathed to the same location your bitmaps reside, it should work. You can also “collect file with assets” at any time to pull any referenced textures into your local folder.

Can I add my own materials to the preset EMC library?

We do not recommend adding custom materials to the Everyday Material Collection. However, you can always create a preset library of your own containing any adjusted versions of materials from the collection.

I noticed that some of the materials look different in one render than another. Why?

We’ve done our best to make these materials match going from one engine to another, but at the end of the day, they all approach shading in different ways. The reality is, a certain phenomenon is just not possible in some renderers. That being said, these materials are meant to be a starting point for your shading work. Artists are encouraged to manipulate and change the material to suit their needs.

Can I use bitmaps to create my own materials?

Absolutely! The texture maps were created for a PBR workflow and we encourage you to use them on your own materials. Have fun!

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