Modern Surface Material Collection

Compatibility and System Requirements

For a list of system requirements and what Modern Surface Material Collection is currently compatible with, visit our compatibility page.

Why does the Arnold version use .tx file type?

The Arnold .tx file type is optimized for Arnold and specifically the process of MIP mapping. Essentially this means that .tx files will load and render faster in Arnold than the PNGs.

What version of Octane is MSMC compatible with?

Going forward we are only supporting Octane 2018 and above. This is due to some features that are exclusive to these newer versions. Everyday Material Collection will still work in Octane 4.0 but all future collections, including the current MSMC, will only work in Octane 2018 and above.

Can I add my own materials to these preset libraries?

We do not recommend adding custom materials to the Modern Surface Material Collection. However, you can always create a preset library of your own containing any adjusted versions of materials from the collection.

Why can't I extract the texture map zip files?

The texture map files are linked-zip files and require a third-party zip application for proper extraction. We recommend 7-zip on PC. It’s free and very robust.

My material's displacement looks strange. What gives?

Each renderer handles displacement differently. We recommend checking your renderer’s manual for proper displacement workflows. Here are a few links that may be of some help:

Displacement in Arnold.

Displacement in Redshift.

Displacement in Octane.

Displacement in Physical: See Cinema 4D Help

Can I use the bitmaps to create my own materials?

If you collect your files with assets when you submit to your cloud renderer of choice, it should work as expected.

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