Uninstall / Remove material packs from HUB Plus Library

To remove items from your installed List on the HUB please follow steps below:

- Go to Greyscalegorilla menu in Cinema 4D, then click Greyscalegorilla HUB

- Then click on the "Installed" tab. Hover your mouse over the pack you want to remove and hold the Alt key (for Windows) or the Option key (for Mac) and while holding use your mouse right-click to the pack name and select "Remove From Install List"

This will remove the pack from the list and Plus Library so you can download again from Stock Assets tab. 

However, this only removes the pack name. You also need to delete the related maps folder and library file from your GSG assets folder.




After removing from HUB list and deleting related files, please restart Cinema 4D.

Then you can download again from HUB "Stock Assets" tab. After downloading don't forget to hit the "Install Assets" button on the right corner.

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