HUB Step by Step Install Guide (MacOS)

(This is the guide for MacOS. Please click here for Windows)

Please follow the 5 steps below to install Greyscalegorilla HUB for MacOS: 

1) Download a fresh copy for your C4D version from this link.

2) To assure HUB plugin to work best confirm you installed the path below: 

\Users\YourUser\Library\Preferences\Maxon\Maxon Cinema 4D 2024\plugins  (if you are not using C4D 2024 version please use the path for your version of C4D)

(if there are folders or files from previous installation of GSG Hub please delete them before installation - Folders: "Greyscalegorilla" and "osx_r2024_greyscalegorilla" )

To access that folder you can run Cinema 4D and go to Edit menu > Preferences then click Preferences folder button (after you access the folder please shut down Cinema 4D)

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Installing the plugin into a different directory and/or renaming different than it's original name will cause problems and it may not work properly.

Unzip the downloaded new HUB file to a folder with the same name as the zip.

( i.e. zip name is for Cinema 4D 2024 and the folder should be same name: osx_r2024_greyscalegorillahub )

Copy it into:

\Users\YourUser\Library\Preferences\Maxon\Maxon Cinema 4D 2024\plugins\

*If there is no plugins folder, create a folder and rename it as plugins.

3) Then launch Cinema 4D go to Edit > Preferences > Greyscalegorilla and set a path for dowloadable assets. (You can set this to your current assets folder path if you already have one ) And Sign in to GSG Hub.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure your assets folder is not under Applications folder

- You can use your Documents folder, root of your user folder or root directory of a drive.

4) Then go to Greyscalegorilla menu click HUB and then click Plugins tab

- Click "Select All" (1) to check all plugins and then click "Install" button (2)

5) After all plugins installed please restart Cinema 4D and go to HUB click "Stock Assets" tab and select your renderer. 

- Then select (1) the assets you want to download and click "Add To Downloads" (2) button.

- When the downloads complete click "Install Assets" button.

To see and use the downloaded materials go to Greyscalegorilla menu and click Plus Library

Now you can drag the material thumbnails to your scene objects or to material editor. Before dragging them make sure you select your renderer and material type New Node or Xpresso

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