Licensing FAQs

Here are the questions we receive the most often about our licenses. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact our Support Team.

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Can I Install the Greyscalegorilla Plus HUB On More Than One Computer?

With an active Subscription, the Plus HUB does not have a limit to the number of computers it can be installed on. However, you are limited to the the number of active sessions by a dual login.

Dual Login: Two logins are included with every Plus license. With dual logins, there‚Äôs no more releasing your license at work then signing in and restarting at home or on your laptop. Confidently leave one workstation and pick up where you left off on another.

Please note, dual logins are intended to be used by one single individual user, as per our Terms of Use.

What If I Want To Have Multiple Licenses Under One Customer Account?

If you're looking for multiple licenses for one Customer Account, sounds like you should check out our Greyscalegorilla Teams Page. With teams, you can place multiple licenses (3 or more) under a single login, or manage multiple users through our Teams admin panel.

Can I Still Access The Plugins & Materials If I Cancel My Subscription?

Any previously created scene file or render, made while you were an active Plus member, is still available for you to use, alter, and re-render. However, you cannot use those assets in any new scene files. If you choose to cancel your Plus Subscription, you will lose your license and ability to use any assets or plugins in any new projects. So if you want to continue to use the Materials/Downloads, you'll want to ensure your Subscription stays Active.
  1. You will lose access to all Materials, Plugins, Assets and Training available in Plus
  2. You will lose access to the Plus Library and forgo your license to use any new Materials or Assets in new projects.

Do you Offer Perpetual Licenses?

We stopped selling perpetual licenses in March 2021.

Render Farm Licensing

With a single Annual Plus or Teams Subscription, you can run an unlimited number of render nodes. This means farms can use a single account to download all of our assets and plugins to be used on the entire farm.

For specifics on installation, check out this article.

Can I Use Your Products for Commercial Work?

Of course you can! Our products were made for production work, and in fact, we would love to see what great things you have made with Greyscalegorilla products. You can view our official Terms of Use here.

Please feel free to tag us in your work on social media! We LOVE be amazed by your creations!

Please note: Educational Licenses are Non Commercial Use Licenses and are available to Students and Faculty for teaching and learning purposes only.

What are Your Terms of Use & Guarantee for Greyscalegorilla Products?

Learn more about our Terms of Use and Guarantee.

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