Where are my GorillaCam User Presets?

As part of our move to Plus we have cleaned up our plugin data so that it is all contained inside a new Greyscalegorilla folder. Because of this, you will need to move your current presets into this folder and also rename it so that the new Plus plugins can find them. 

Keeping your GorillaCam User Presets

If you have exported out any User presets from GorillaCam then you will need to move these for the new plugins to find them.

  1. Start up Cinema 4D
  2. Open the preferences dialog from Edit→Preferences
  3. At the bottom left of the dialog, press the "Open Preferences Folder" button. A window will open to the location of the C4D preferences folder, this is a folder that plugins are able to write to.
  4. Go into the "plugins" folder
  5. Inside this folder will be a folder called "GorillaCam". Check that this is indeed the right one by looking inside it to see that it contains 'Exports' and 'User' folders. If it does, then you have found the right one.
  6. Rename this folder from "GorillaCam" to "GorillaCam User".
  7. Move this newly named "GorillaCam User" folder into the "Greyscalegorilla" folder.
  8. Your are now done and your GorillaCam presets can now be used.

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