Blender 4 Importer

Blender 4 is supported with our updated version of importer plugin and you can download from this link.

Note: If you find any issues after importing materials, please feel free to feedback.

Updating /Reinstalling the Importer

To use the new version, you will first need to remove the existing one (if you installed before) by following the steps below "Removing the Importer".

After removing the previous version you can now follow the Installation steps again to install the new one.

You can follow this video guide for installation instructions.

Removing the Importer

Open the preferences dialog from "Edit->Preferences"

Select Add-ons on the left hand side

In the search box on the top right, type in "greyscalegorilla"

Expand the Add-on information and press the Remove button.

For further information about the plugin please visit:

For additional instructions about Add-ons see the official blender add-on documentation.

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