Modern Surface Material Collection Installation Guide

This installation guide refers ONLY to the perpetual licensed Modern Surface Material Collection, which is no longer available for purchase separately. For Plus HUB installation of plugins and assets, please see the Greyscalegorilla HUB FAQs ""

Downloading and extracting the zip files

  1. Download all of the material pack's zip files according to which renderer(s) you will need.

  2. Use a zip utility capable of opening linked zips. We recommend the following



  3. OSX

  4. Use the zip utility to extract the first zip file of a given set. It will automatically extract the rest.

  5. Follow the instructions below for each renderer you wish to use the material pack with.


Install lib4d file(s)

  1. From inside C4D, go to Edit→Preferences. Click the 'Open Preferences Folder' button.
  2. Navigate to the library/browser/ folder and put the corresponding lib4d file(s) inside it.

Reference the texture files

  1. From inside C4D, go to Edit→Preferences and find the Files→Paths section.
  2. Add a reference to the extracted material pack.


If installed correctly, the materials can be found in Browser→Presets inside of C4D.


Reference the Orbx files

  1. Open the Octane settings window and navigate to Settings→Other.
  2. Set the LocalDB to the location of the material pack's Orbx files.


From Octane's Live Viewer go to Materials→Open LiveDB. From there you will see a local database containing the installed materials.

NOTE: Octane requires that the scene is saved before downloading any materials from the database to your scene.

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