How do I download the Greyscalegorilla HUB?

Go to the Plus Portal and click on the Greyscalegorilla HUB button to get to the download page. If you're already signed in, you can go straight to Greyscalegorilla HUB.

Getting and Installing the HUB

  1. You will first need to download the Hub from our the website. Make sure you download the correct version of the HUB for your machine and your version of Cinema 4D. It is a different download for each one.
  2. Once you have downloaded the plugin you should unzip the file. You will then have a folder named something like osx_s22_greyscalegorillahub.
  3. Start up Cinema 4D
  4. Open the preferences dialog from Edit→Preferences
  5. At the bottom left of the dialog press the "Open Preferences Folder" button. A window will open to the location of the C4D preferences folder, this is a folder that plugins are able to write to.
  6. Go into the "plugins" folder
  7. Drag and Drop the "osx_s22_greyscalegorillahub" folder into this plugins folder.
  8. Restart Cinema 4D and a "Greyscalegorilla" menu will appear at the top.

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