Greyscalegorilla Teams

What is Teams?

Teams subscriptions feature all the same great content as Plus, but with extra features to easily manage multiple users through a single Greyscalegorilla Team account. Teams need one subscription per active user, which are administered through your own Teams admin panel. You can invite users, revoke C4D licenses and more through your own admin panel.

Not sure how many subscriptions you need for your team? Just contact and we'll walk you through it! If you're ready to purchase Teams, you can use our self-checkout here.

Teams subscriptions can be assigned to anyone on your team through the easy to use Teams admin panel. Or, you can assign multiple seats to a single Teams subscription and use a single login for all machines/users. Yes, we have options! Contact us at to discuss which is best for you.

What is the difference between Plus and Teams?

Our individual Plus subscriptions are licensed to single, named users with non-transferrable licensing terms. Per our Terms of Use, individual Plus subscriptions cannot be shared with multiple users or transferred from one user to another - instead, consider Teams!

Teams also offers consolidated billing, priority support and the ability to easily add-on licenses mid-term.  We can even upgrade your current Plus subscriptions to Teams, or offer a solution for your studio's special offline needs.

How do I purchase Teams?

Simply contact our Sales department to purchase a Teams subscription. We'll make sure Teams is right for you, answer all your questions, and provide quick follow-up to your inquiry. Email us at to get started.

If you're certain you want to make a brand new Teams purchase, you can use our self-checkout option here. Please note, this checkout should not be used for renewals, add-on licenses or upgrades. For those options, contact

How Many Render Nodes Are Available for Teams?

Greyscalegorilla Team members enjoy access to unlimited render farm licenses.

Does Teams have a minimum purchase quantity?

Teams is a minimum purchase of 3 annual subscriptions. We do not offer Monthly Teams subscriptions.

Academic Teams Pricing

Are you a University or High School looking for multiple licenses for your classrooms or labs? Ask us about our 50% Teams discount for qualified academic institutions. Contact our Sales department at to see if you qualify.

Using the Teams Admin Panel

If you have our Teams Manager subscription, you have access to an admin panel to manage multiple users.

  1. Access your admin panel here.
  2. To add users: Click on Invitations, then Create. Add the email address of your user and follow the instructions to send the invitation. You can view a quick video here.
  3. To release the license of an individual user: Go to Users, then click on the Tool ellipsis for that user. This opens up a menu with the option to release licenses. From this menu you can also remove a user from your organization, assign admin access, and more.

If you have our alternate Teams subscription without access to the admin panel (or you have a Monthly or Annual Plus Subscription), and would like to transition to the admin panel, please contact We would be happy to assist you!

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