Guide to the Customer Portal

In this article, we will be walking through how to get to your Customer Portal, and explore the many capabilities inside of it. Here you can find how to change any account information, turn on and off Auto Renew and more!

If you cannot find what you're looking for here, you may want to check out our Account & Subscription FAQs, where you can find answers around merging multiple accounts, multi user licenses, educational discounts, and more!

Where To Find The Customer Portal

When you are logged in to the Greyscalegorilla website, just click on the profile icon at the top of any page, and select the "Account Details" option.

Account Details

How to Change Your Name & Display Name

Here in the Account Details tab of the Customer Portal, you can change both your name and your display name. Your display name is the one that will be used on your account and it will default to being your first and last name.

How to Change Your Primary 3D Application Preferences

You can also set or alter your Primary 3D Application preference here, to ensure that you are receiving emails from us about the Application you want to hear about! Make sure to select the "Save Changes" button after making any changes.

How to Update Your Email Address

To update your email address, it is just below the Name and 3D Application section. You will need to enter your password in order to update the email on your account.

How to Update Your Password

Scroll down to the last section of the Account Details tab, as seen below.
Password Requirements: Must consist of a minimum of12 characters, including one special character, (for example, ! or ?)

What If I Forgot My Password & Can't Access My Account?

Please use  this link to reset your password.
Password Requirements: Must consist of a minimum of 12 characters, including one special character (for example, ! or ?)
If for any reason you are still having problems getting into your account, please feel free to contact our Customer Support Team by clicking  here and then select "Contact" at the top of the page, or email

Why is it asking for MFA? Was I supposed to receive an email?

The request for a code comes up when you have entered your email or password incorrectly; however you will NOT be emailed a code. Please try logging in again and double check your email and password are entered correctly.

If the issue still persists, then I'd recommend resetting your password here.


Here in the Subscription section, you can view the status of your Subscription, if Auto Renew is On, and what payment type is being used.

How to Renew Early

To renew your Annual subscription early:
  1. Select "Renew Now" and you'll be taken to the checkout page.
  2. If you have a promo code, enter it in the promo code field. Click APPLY.
  3. Complete Checkout.

How to Change Your Subscription Term

If you are a Monthly Subscriber and want to switch to Annual:
  1. Under Subscription, click the "Change to Annual Subscription" button.
  2. Then on the next page, select the "Change to Annual Subscription" button again.
  3. Your Annual subscription will begin the day your Monthly subscription was scheduled to end.

If you want to switch from Monthly to Annual and apply a promo code, then: (walkthrough video below)

  1. Under Subscription, click the "Change to Annual Subscription" button.
  2. Then on the next page, select the "Change to Annual Subscription" button again.
  3. Click "Renew Now" and you'll be taken to the checkout page.
  4. Enter your code in the promo code field. Click APPLY.
  5. Complete checkout.
  6. Your Annual subscription will begin the day your Monthly subscription was scheduled to end.

You may switch the terms of your subscription at anytime. You will not be charged until your next renewal date or if you choose to manually renew early.


How to Update/Add Payment Methods

If you'd like to change the card related to the subscription, you can either select the "Make This My Default" option if you have multiple cards on your profile, or select the "Add Payment Method" if you'd like to use a brand new card. Note that you cannot delete a card from your profile if it's the only one, please add a new card to your Payment Methods, then you'd be free to delete the previous card.

If you are adjusting your cards around, and you delete your previous "Default" card, make sure to set the another card as "Default"!

How to Deactivate Auto Renew / Cancel Your Subscription

If you do not want to be charged for a renewal order, turn off the toggle switch under the Auto-Renew section of Billing, just below the Payment Methods. You will have access to your subscription until the subscription end date. Your subscription will NOT automatically renew after your Subscription is not set to Auto-Renew.
If you accidentally switched the toggle to turn off Auto-Renew, don't worry! You can simply turn the toggle back to Auto-Renew, and it will go back to being a recurring Subscription.

How to Change Your Billing Information

To update your billing address, go right below the Auto Renew section, and you will see a Billing Address & Email section. There is a button to edit your billing information there.

How to Get a Receipt of Purchase

If you'd like to get the invoice of your Order, scroll down until you see the Invoices section. Next to each order there is a download button on the far right side, which will allow you to download the invoice.

How to Get An Invoice with a VAT Included?

If you need your company's VAT information added to your invoice, please add it to the second address line during checkout or in your Customer Portal's Billing section, where you can change your billing information. (See above for instructions)

If you have already gone through the checkout process and need your first Order's invoice updated with the correct VAT information, please contact the Support Team and provide the proper information. During that process, we can also include it to your billing address for you, so all future invoices include the VAT information as well.

To contact support, click here and then select "Contact" at the top of the page, or email


How to Join the Greyscalegorilla Newsletter

If you'd like to stay up to date on our products, new tutorials, and more, you can join our newsletter via the Settings tab. Select "Enable Emails", and you'll be able to hear from us when we have any updates! (Don't worry, we don't spam.)

Plus Downloads

Not only can you access the Plus Downloads via the upper right drop down menu, but you can access them here, in your Customer Portal. Simply select the Plus Downloads tab on the lefthand side, and it will automatically redirect you to our Downloads page.

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